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Welcome to Pointe & Flex Stationery - My name is Laura and I am the founder and co-owner of this wonderful brand made just for you!

As a dance teacher of over 20 years and a dance studio owner for 14 years, I had been desperate to find stationery that I could use that would keep me organised but was dance related.  Eventually I designed something that I could use that was both stylish and motivational, and Pointe & Flex Stationery was born! 

Every time I design something for me, I will share it with you!  I love designing so there are always new products in the pipeline!


I hope you enjoy our collection and you can reach out at any time by emailing me at



Hello! My Name is Ella and I am one half of Pointe & Flex!

Theatre has always been a huge part of my life ever since I was a child. Whether that was performing in dance shows as I grew up or working in the industry as a ticketing operations manager at The Theatre Café in the West End. You can always find me in or near a theatre.

I also happen to love all things stationery. There is no feeling like opening up a brand-new notebook to write in. In fact, I don’t think I have ever walked past a stationery shop and NOT gone in. It’s in my DNA.

To be part of the creation of a brand that combines two of my favourite things together is an absolute dream for me so I hope you love our products as much as I do!  If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at

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